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FarmPro FP4500XRC Fence Energizer W/FFR-2 Remote Combo

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FP4500XR Fence Energizer/Charger W/FFR-2 Remote


110V Powered

Powers up to 450 Acres
Powers up to 75 Miles
Ultra Low Impedance
4.5 Joule Output

Animals: Horses, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Llamas, Elk, Bears

* Comes with FFR-2 Fault Finder Remote Control *

FFR-2 Features:

  • On/Off button powers energizer up or down anywhere on the fence line 
  • Single point of remote to fence line contact for fault finder and remote functions
  • 9 channel settings for paring multiple energizers
  • Large LCD screen displays fence voltage reading or current
  • Use fault finder functions with any brand of pulse energizer
  • Cordless design - no ground probe required
  • Impact and water-resistant case with integrated belt clip
  • Low battery warning system
  • 9V battery sold separately

Fault Finder Specifications

  •  Voltage range - .3 to 18 kV
  • Current range - 2 to 150 amps 
  • Battery - 9 Volt Alkaline




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